A Comprehensive Guide to Use Facial Cleanser


As an important tool in modern skincare, facial cleansers come in various types, including traditional towels, sponges, and electric facial cleansing devices. Correctly choosing and using facial cleansers not only enhances cleaning effectiveness but also protects the skin from bacterial invasion, avoiding unnecessary skin problems.

Traditional Facial Cleansing Tools


1. Pros: Economical, easy to carry.

2. Cons: Prone to bacterial growth, requires frequent washing and drying.

3. Usage: Thoroughly clean hands before use to avoid bacterial cross-infection.


1. Pros: Soft texture, effective in removing dead skin cells.

2. Cons: Difficult to clean, prone to harboring dirt.

3. Usage: Similar to towels, and requires thorough cleaning after use.

Electric Facial Cleansing Devices

Working Principle

1. Most electric facial cleansing devices utilize ultrasonic principles to make the brush head vibrate, assisting in cleaning pores.

2. Some products also feature automatic cleaning and drying functions, reducing bacterial growth.


1. Wet the brush head before use.

2. Apply an appropriate amount of facial cleanser to the face and generate foam as needed.

3. Turn on the facial cleansing device and clean the forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks in sequence.

4. After use, remove the brush head and thoroughly clean it to maintain hygiene.

Selection and Usage Recommendations

Choose According to Skin Type

1. Oily and combination skin: Suitable for using facial cleansing devices with deep cleansing functions.

2. Sensitive skin: It is recommended to use soft and non-irritating facial towels or sponges.

3. Dry skin: Frequent use of facial cleansing devices may not be necessary; regular facial cleansers and manual cleansing are sufficient.

Frequency of Use and Precautions

1. Generally, using a facial cleansing device once a day is sufficient.

2. In special circumstances, such as during travel or after exercising, the frequency of use can be increased as needed.

3. After use, it is essential to clean and store the device properly to avoid bacterial contamination.


In summary, whether using traditional or electric facial cleansing tools, correct selection and usage methods can help us better clean our skin. Additionally, maintaining personal hygiene habits and regularly replacing and cleaning tools are key to preventing skin problems. When choosing an electric facial cleansing device, it is advisable to prioritize well-known brands and reliable products to ensure safety and effectiveness.

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