A Comprehensive Guide to the Automatic Floor Scrubbers


An automatic floor scrubber is an advanced cleaning device that integrates functions such as vacuuming, mopping, and scrubbing into one, capable of effectively cleaning various hard surfaces (such as tiles, cement, wood, etc.). It mainly consists of components such as a clean water tank, brush plate, suction system, and drive motor. Through the motor’s drive, the brush plate can rotate at high speed to clean the floor, while the suction system sucks the wastewater into the wastewater tank, keeping the floor dry and clean. Automatic floor scrubbers, due to their ease of operation, high cleaning efficiency, and labor-saving advantages, have been widely used in households, commercial, and industrial fields.

Working Principle of Automatic Floor Scrubbers

The working principle of automatic floor scrubbers is mainly based on the following aspects:

1. Brush Plate Cleaning: The brush plate of the automatic floor scrubber is driven by a motor to rotate, generating friction with the floor to remove stains.

2. Suction System: The scrubber is equipped with a suction motor inside. When the suction switch is turned on, the suction motor operates, sucking the cleaned wastewater into the wastewater tank through the suction squeegee.

3. Tank Design: The design of the clean water tank and the wastewater tank ensures continuous water supply and timely discharge of wastewater during the cleaning process, maintaining cleaning efficiency.

4. Intelligent Control System: Modern automatic floor scrubbers are often equipped with intelligent control systems, such as the Mi Home App, allowing users to perform finer operations and settings via their smartphones.

Usage Methods of Automatic Floor Scrubbers

The general steps for using an automatic floor scrubber are as follows:

1. Preparation: Before cleaning, remove obstacles from the floor, ensure the floor is smooth without major pits, and divide the cleaning area reasonably.

2. Water and Detergent Addition: According to the degree of floor stains, add an appropriate amount of detergent and water to the clean water tank, and ensure the water tank is securely installed.

3. Start the Device: Turn on the power, select the appropriate cleaning mode as needed, and then start the scrubber for cleaning.

4. Operation: During the cleaning process, adjust the scrubber’s direction and speed according to the actual situation to achieve the best cleaning effect.

5. Post-Cleaning Handling: After cleaning, turn off the power, drain the remaining cleaning solution, and clean and maintain the scrubber.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Automatic Floor Scrubbers


1. Integrated Multi-functionality: Automatic floor scrubbers integrate multiple functions such as vacuuming, mopping, and scrubbing, resulting in significant cleaning effects.

2. Convenience of Operation: Using an automatic floor scrubber can greatly reduce labor input, simplify the cleaning process, and save time and effort.

3. High Cleaning Efficiency: Automatic floor scrubbers usually have powerful suction and efficient cleaning capabilities, enabling quick cleaning of large floor areas.

4. Energy Saving and Emission Reduction: Many automatic floor scrubbers use energy-saving technologies to reduce energy consumption while ensuring cleaning effectiveness.


1. Weight and Size: Some automatic floor scrubbers may be heavy and difficult to carry, which may not be user-friendly for people with mobility issues.

2. Noise Issues: During operation, automatic floor scrubbers may generate a certain level of noise, affecting the user experience.

3.Cleaning Range Limitations: Some models of automatic floor scrubbers may not be able to clean corners or low areas, requiring manual assistance.

4. Maintenance Requirements: Although automatic floor scrubbers can clean automatically, regular manual handling may still be required, such as replacing water tanks or cleaning brush heads.


Q1: Can automatic floor scrubbers clean all types of floors?

A1: Most automatic floor scrubbers are suitable for various hard surfaces such as tiles, cement, wood, etc. However, for special materials such as carpets or extremely rough surfaces, additional adaptation devices or cleaning methods may be needed.

Q2: Is the cleaning effect of automatic floor scrubbers equivalent to manual cleaning?

A2: The cleaning effect of automatic floor scrubbers is usually superior to manual cleaning. They can clean the floor more quickly, evenly, and reach areas that are difficult to access manually.

Q3: Are automatic floor scrubbers easy to operate?

A3: Most modern automatic floor scrubbers are designed to be simple and easy to operate. Users only need to follow the product manual for simple settings to start cleaning, and many models are equipped with intelligent navigation systems to autonomously avoid obstacles, simplifying the usage process.

When choosing an automatic floor scrubber, users should consider the above factors based on their actual needs and preferences to make an appropriate choice.

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