Working Principle and User Guide of Venturi Scrubber


The Venturi scrubber is a type of dust removal equipment based on the “wet method,” widely used in the industrial field, particularly excelling in the treatment of high-temperature, flammable, explosive, and harmful gases. It consists of a Venturi tube and a liquid droplet separator, which removes dust and harmful substances from the gas through physical and chemical actions, effectively improving air quality.

Detailed Working Principle

The working principle of the Venturi scrubber mainly includes the following steps:

1. Gas-Liquid Contact: Dust-laden gas enters the Venturi tube and comes into contact with tangentially introduced washing liquid, which immediately decomposes into liquid droplets, capturing and retaining dust particles.

2. Gas/Liquid Mixture Flow: This mixture flows through an overflow elbow and enters the droplet separator.

3. Centrifugal Force Action: In the droplet separator, due to centrifugal force, heavier wet particles are removed from the airflow.

4. Clean Gas Discharge: The cleaned gas exits from the top of the separator, while the dust and liquid mixture is discharged from the bottom outlet of the separator.

Usage and Maintenance

When using the Venturi scrubber, users need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Check and Prepare: Before use, check the appearance of the equipment for any damage, ensure tight connections of all components without leaks, and ensure thorough mixing of the washing agent with water.

2. Startup and Operation: Start the Venturi scrubber and observe its operation. Proceed to the next step once the operation is stable.

3. Adjustment and Optimization: Adjust the parameters of the Venturi throat pipe according to actual needs to adapt to different processing requirements.

4. Regular Maintenance: Regularly clean the equipment inside and out, inspect and replace worn parts such as seals, filters, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


Q1: What is the efficiency of the Venturi scrubber?

A1: The dust removal efficiency of the Venturi scrubber is usually above 99%, especially performing exceptionally well in treating high-temperature and high-humidity airflow.

1. Equipment Maintenance Frequency: The maintenance frequency of the Venturi scrubber depends on the frequency of use and maintenance conditions. Good daily maintenance can greatly extend the equipment’s service life.

2. Applicable Range: The Venturi scrubber is suitable for various industrial scenarios such as chemical industry, metal processing, mining, etc., effectively treating dust and harmful gases generated in these industries.


The Venturi scrubber, with its unique working principle and wide application scenarios, has become an important cleaning equipment in the industrial field. Through proper usage methods and regular maintenance, its efficient and stable operation can be ensured, contributing to environmental protection.

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