Warning Issued to UK Households Planning Patio Pressure Washing


As the summer months of July and August approach, households across the UK gearing up to pressure wash their patios have been issued a cautionary advisory. Andy Mclaughlin, a landscaping expert from RF Paving, emphasizes the importance of safe cleaning practices to maintain the integrity of patio and paving surfaces.

Mclaughlin advises against indiscriminate use of cleaning products and chemicals, stressing the criticality of matching cleaning substances to specific paving materials. He warns that using incompatible products or harsh chemicals such as brick acid on delicate surfaces like limestone can result in irreversible damage.

“While most household cleaning products are generally safe, stronger industrial cleaners can pose risks,” Mclaughlin states. “Understanding your paving type is crucial to prevent unintended damage.”

He underscores the potential hazards to surrounding areas such as lawns, wooden structures, planters, and patio furniture, urging caution when handling chemicals. “Even diluted, chemicals can cause harm if not managed properly,” he adds. “Always follow manufacturer instructions.”

For effective patio and block paving cleaning, Mclaughlin recommends a methodical approach: sweeping away loose debris, using a pressure washer to remove organic growth and old sand from joints, and resanding to stabilize the surface. In cases where a pressure washer isn’t available, he suggests alternatives like block paving cleaners or eco-friendly solutions such as baking soda mixed with water.

“Allow the paving to thoroughly dry before reapplying sand to ensure stability,” Mclaughlin advises. “Following these steps not only enhances cleanliness but also prolongs the life of your outdoor surfaces.”

Households are urged to exercise caution and prioritize safety when undertaking patio maintenance this summer, ensuring both effective cleaning results and the preservation of their outdoor living spaces.

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